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  1. pornlover554

    Yes, there is a limit on how much escorts should cost..

    i would indeed not pay more than $1500 maximum an hour for an escort, it’s simply not worth it. You bust one time and then you’re already thinking about how Nice it would be to be at home and play Madden 24 or Call of duty. I’ve never paid more than $1000 an hour and i Will never pay more...
  2. pornlover554

    Did you ever regret booking an escort?

    There was once i regretted it TOTALLY, when she opened the door. In her pictures online she was model thin with a Barbie face, but in reality she was fat and had a mid face (4/10). Worst experience ever, spent $200 on that shit.
  3. pornlover554

    Have you ever called escorts?

    I always text the girls, ALWAYS because for the majority it’s girls that are from South America/eastern europe who doesn’t speak english, so i text to avoid any confussion. What do you prefer, texting or calling the girl?
  4. pornlover554

    How do you physically get ready for round deux?

    If im not on the blue pill I’m having a really hard time getting it ready for round 2. Is there any techniques to do it etc.?
  5. pornlover554

    Have an escort ever deceived you into thinking that you mattered to her?

    I was "friends" with an escort for 3 years, looking back, the biggest regret of my life was meeting her. I really thought that we had something genuine but it was all one sided. Do not get deceived by escorts, you do not matter to them, you're just another client. People saying they got a...
  6. pornlover554

    Have you ever decided to pay for staying longer?

    I have tried to wanted to stay over for an hour more than what I originally ordered. Have you ever tried that?
  7. pornlover554

    What's the biggest turn off in an escort?

    For me, it's definitely bad hygiene. There's nothing worse than meeting with an escort that smells like cat piss or haven't brushed her teeth. What is the biggest turn off for you?
  8. pornlover554

    Have you EVER gotten a free hour..?

    Has anyone ever gotten a free hour etc. from a girl they see regularly? I know this is a business and the girl is only with you to make money (as they should!), but I was just wondering the described question
  9. king-sama4u2nv

    Summer is Over, Provider Hiatus has Ended

    I don't know if any of you have noticed, but during the summer, the hobby almost comes to a standstill. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but asking around, it becomes quite clear what the summer entails. Summer often means that affluent individuals have to spend time with their families instead...
  10. pornlover554

    How many dicks has a sex worker seen in real life..

    Came across this video where an escort said how many cocks she´s seen and how many has been inside her. Damn. She´s really good escort material, but definitely not wife material;). See and listen for yourself:
  11. pornlover554

    When do escorts consider you a regular client?

    I have often wondered about this, who does the girls classifies as "regulars"? When a man visits them one time per week, two times per week, etc.?
  12. pornlover554

    Do you try new girls or stick to the regulars?

    To be honest, I tend to stick with 2-3 girls, so they know me and vice versa. Do you prefer to meet escorts that know you due to previous sessions or do you enjoy meeting new escorts?
  13. pornlover554

    My WISHLIST (TO-DO in the near future)

    Kesha Ortega Mary Madison Kendra Doll Portia Paris Cathy Heaven Aletta Ocean Sapphire saint I NEED to try them! do you have girls you absolutely NEED to see?
  14. pornlover554

    What is the lowest amount you've ever paid for an escort?

    In Europe, South America, america etc. I thought this would be interesting to find out. The cheapest I´ve ever paid was $35 an hour in Bulgaria for a girl that was model material. Sometimes it's nice to try "regular" girls and see what they have to offer, despite pornstars being everyones...
  15. pornlover554

    What makes an escort stop?

    I´ve always wondered this, whatever makes an escort stop? Surely, you can't do it forever. I´ve never heard a girl retiring from escorting, ever. There is nothing wrong with that of course, it's good for us. Have any of you heard of any girls that stopped and why did they do it?
  16. pornlover554

    What is the wildest thing you ever done with an escort?

    The wildest thing I ever did was that I booked an hour with a local girl (it was thursday), I arrived and she asked me if I wanted anything to drink, Coca Cola, water or beer, I of course am a man so I took the beer. She took one with me, one turned to two, two turned into four and by that time...
  17. pornlover554

    Do WOMEN pay for escorts?

    It's 1000 times easier to get sex as a woman than as a man and I know that so therefor my question. Do women pay for escorts, have you ever heard anything about that?
  18. pornlover554

    Are the girls themselves ever nervous about meeting a new client?

    Most girls I´ve talked to said that there are no reason to be nervous as it will just make things awkward, which is true when you think about it. However, some men are nervous by nature and there isn't anything to do about it. I'm never nervous because there really isn't anything to be afraid...
  19. pornlover554

    Do you have a girl you visited for more than 5+ years?

    I know I have and it's always funny to catch up. Do you have an escort that you have visited for more than 5 years?
  20. pornlover554

    Agency vs Independent escorts

    I say that there are pros and cons with both. I´ve had good experiences with independent escorts (that I find through local directories) and I´ve had good experiences with agencies, namely Tryst, as it's my preferred one. What do you prefer - independent or agency escorts?

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