Pornstar of the month
  1. zm7000

    Vic Marie Review

    Alright I’ve been holding on to this one cause she wasn’t publicly providing, until recently. I’ve seen her two times over the last year. It was 4k for 2 hours. She required a test no more than 7 days old, even though I didn’t ask for BBFS. She was just being safe. She booked a room and sent...
  2. R

    Richelle Ryan Review

    Apologies for the timing on this as this should have been up. I had booked RR through Perfection Models during her NYC trip and was quoted the 2,200 for the HR. Slightly steep, but not knowing when she’d stop or when she’d be back in NYC - I had to take the dive. Booking through PM wasn’t as...
  3. D

    Kenzie Taylor review

    Booked Kenzie in Boston through PC at $1700/h It was easy booking, I have been using them for years now, and they actually reached out to me if I wanted to see her, they also reached out to me for other stars, and they were really good with their response, Kenzie was dressed wearing casual...
  4. pornlover554

    Audrey Bitoni Review

    I thought that I Would share what I found as I know many people are asking for a review of her. I found this review
  5. I

    Penelope Woods (via PC)

    I booked Penelope through PC last week in San Fran and she was great. I left a full review under the review forums but I know everyone doesn’t look there. She was $1500 and included bbbj, dfk, cfs, and cob. Greek was available for an additional $500 and I didn’t inquire about bbfs. You can...
  6. trystagency

    Lily Lou review

    So a member of our Tryst services posted a great little review about his time with Lily Lou yesterday in Vegas. This was her first job ever and I have to say that she is excited and looking forward to more Lily Lou Review

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